Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do UTA a favor

I think I've figured out why no one takes the bus in Utah County.  Let me explain:

I love riding the bus.  It's slower, kind of inconvenient and kind of expensive (since I already have a car).

But taking a bus gives me a little thrill -- I get more exercise (3.4 miles walking to/from work) and time to think.  And I feel like I'm doing my civic duty and saving the environment.  When I dump my quarters into the slot, I feel like I'm doing my community and UTA a favor and that my fare is a generous offering to a good cause.  It feels good.

And that is exactly why no one rides the bus.  The situation is backward.

Certainly there is a list of specific problems, but

No one will ride the bus until they feel like the bus is doing them a favor (not the other way around).
That is the principle that should guide decisions at UTA: instead of making us feel like we're doing you a favor, do us a favor and make riding the bus way better than using our cars.


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